Best Games to Stream on Twitch

Stepping into the world of game streaming? Choosing the right games to showcase on platforms like Twitch and YouTube can make or break your streaming career. It’s not just about picking popular titles; it’s about finding that perfect mix of excitement and uniqueness that will draw viewers to your channel.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to spice up your stream, knowing which games attract large audiences consistently is crucial. Games with fast-paced gameplay, diverse character abilities, and intense scenarios tend to keep viewers glued to their screens. Also, games that are regularly updated with fresh content help maintain interest and keep your stream lively.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Game Selection: Opt for games that offer both excitement and uniqueness, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and League of Legends, to attract and retain viewers on Twitch.
  • Leverage Twitch Features: Utilize Twitch’s interactive features like live chat and polls, along with monetization opportunities through subscriptions and sponsorships to enhance viewer engagement and revenue.
  • Viewer-to-Streamer Ratio: Focus on games with a favorable viewers-to-streamers ratio to minimize competition and maximize visibility within the Twitch community.
  • Personal Enthusiasm Matters: Choose games that you are passionate about and proficient in. This will improve your streaming quality and help maintain a genuine connection with your audience.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Partner with other streamers to expand audience reach. Ensure these partnerships align with your channel’s content for optimal synergy.
  • Consistent Streaming Schedule: Maintain a regular streaming schedule to build trust and reliability among your viewer base, which helps in sustaining long-term engagement.

The Appeal of Twitch for Streamers

Twitch offers distinct advantages for streamers, making it an excellent platform to host your gaming sessions. Here’s how Twitch stands out:

Large User Base

Twitch boasts over 15 million daily active users and more than 2 million active streamers. This large audience means you have the potential to reach a vast number of viewers from around the world, increasing your visibility and chances of building a substantial following.

Interactive Features

The platform is designed for engagement. Live chat, polls, and donation options enhance interaction between you and your viewers. These features create a lively community atmosphere, encouraging viewers to return and participate actively in your streams.

Monetization Opportunities

If you’re looking to earn from streaming, Twitch provides several avenues for income. You can generate revenue through subscriptions, donations, ad placements, and sponsorships. These monetization options offer you flexibility in how you wish to grow financially on the platform.

Diverse Content

Whether you’re into gaming, music, art or talk shows, Twitch supports it all. This diversity allows you to showcase various skills or mix different types of content to keep your channel fresh and engaging.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Game to Stream

When deciding which game to stream on Twitch, several factors play crucial roles in determining the potential success and growth of your channel. These factors ensure you attract and engage viewers effectively while leveraging Twitch’s features.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is paramount when selecting a game. You’ll want a game that not only draws viewers in but also keeps them entertained for hours.

  • Game Popularity: Opting for games with established audiences can significantly boost your viewer count. Titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, and League of Legends have large, dedicated fan bases.
  • Community Dynamics: Games that offer diverse content and active subcommunities, like Minecraft, enhance viewer interaction and retention. These dynamics allow you to explore various content styles within the same game, keeping your streams fresh and engaging.

Game Saturation on Twitch

Choosing the right game involves analyzing the competition you’ll face on Twitch.

  • Viewers-to-Streamers Ratio: Ideal games have a high ratio of viewers to streamers. For example, a game attracting 7,000 viewers across 10 channels suggests less saturation compared to one with many streamers but fewer viewers.
  • Niche Games: If mainstream titles seem too crowded, consider niche games. Streaming less popular games might help you stand out in a smaller market where viewers are looking for new content creators.

Your Personal Enthusiasm and Expertise

Your choice should also reflect your personal enthusiasm and gameplay expertise.

  • Passion for the Game: If you’re genuinely interested in what you’re playing, it’ll show in your streaming quality—this genuine enthusiasm can be infectious among viewers.
  • Skill Level: Being proficient at a game can set you apart from others. It allows you to provide expert insights or dominate in competitive gameplay, both of which are attractive qualities that draw gaming enthusiasts to your channel.

By considering these key aspects—audience engagement levels, market saturation on Twitch,and alignment with your own interests and skills—you’ll be better positioned to choose an optimal game that enhances both viewer experience and channel growth.

Top Games to Stream for Established Streamers

When choosing the best games to stream on Twitch, established streamers benefit from selecting titles that are not only popular but also have rich community engagement and regular content updates. Here’s a closer look at some top games that fit these criteria perfectly.


Minecraft, a sandbox game celebrated for its limitless creative possibilities, stands as a top choice for streamers on Twitch. With an average of 86,600 viewers and a robust community of 40.3 million followers, the game offers a diverse audience ready to engage with various content styles.

Why Minecraft Appeals to Streamers

The charm of Minecraft lies in its flexibility. Unlike other games where gameplay is more structured, Minecraft allows you to explore and modify your environment without set objectives. This aspect not only attracts players who enjoy creative freedom but also appeals to a wide demographic, including younger viewers.

Viewer Engagement Strategies in Minecraft

When streaming Minecraft, engaging with your audience effectively can make a significant difference:

  • Interactive Builds: Involve viewers by incorporating their ideas into your builds.
  • Educational Content: Teach techniques like redstone engineering or efficient farming.
  • Adventure Mode Playthroughs: Keep the excitement high by exploring custom maps or challenges designed by the community.

This approach helps maintain viewer interest and encourages them to return for future streams.

The Impact of Community Interaction

Community interaction within Minecraft streams fosters an inclusive atmosphere that can significantly enhance viewer loyalty. Hosting server events or multiplayer sessions with fans can increase engagement levels and provide fresh content.


Transitioning from Minecraft’s community-driven content to another giant in the streaming world, let’s explore why Fortnite stands out as a superior choice for Twitch streamers.

Fortnite offers action-packed gameplay combined with vibrant graphics and unique mechanics. It’s structured around short, intense matches that provide ample opportunities for dramatic moments and skilled plays which viewers find captivating.

With a massive following since its release in 2017, Fortnite brings built-in audience potential to your streams. This existing fan base can lead to higher initial viewer counts when you start streaming. Engage with this active community by participating in live chats, hosting giveaways, or featuring viewer-requested gameplay strategies.

Strategic Advice for Streaming

Leveraging the popularity of Fortnite requires focusing on more than just playing well. Incorporate interactive elements into your streams such as live polls about next moves or challenges you should attempt. Also, regularly switch between different modes within the game—like Battle Royale, Save the World, or Creative—to cater to diverse audience preferences and keep your content fresh.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL), one of the top games streamed on Twitch, showcases a robust multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) platform. Its popularity stems from intricate team-based gameplay and a competitive esports scene which captivates millions globally.

Key Streaming Statistics

  • Average Viewers: The game pulls in an average of 130,000 viewers at any given time.
  • Number of Followers: LoL enjoys a massive following with over 32 million followers on Twitch.
  • Active Channels: Approximately 3,300 channels broadcast LoL content regularly.
  • Monthly Viewership Numbers: Each month, around 200,000 viewers tune in to watch League of Legends streams.

These figures underscore why LoL is such a favored choice for streamers aiming to attract a substantial audience.

Why Stream League of Legends?

Streaming LoL can significantly enhance your channel’s visibility due to its sustained high viewer counts and dedicated fan base. The intense gameplay dynamics and frequent updates provide fresh content that keeps the community engaged. Also, interacting with viewers during live matches adds an element of real-time engagement that isn’t as pronounced in non-competitive gaming streams.

  1. Engage Regularly with Your Audience: Answer questions during downtime and discuss strategies to deepen viewer investment.
  2. Showcase Diverse Content: Rotate between casual play, ranked matches, and team practices to cater to different viewer preferences.
  3. Collaborate with Other Streamers: Team up with fellow LoL streamers to cross-promote content and reach wider audiences.
  4. Highlight Key Moments: Use Twitch’s clipping feature to share exciting plays or funny incidents; this helps bolster your social media presence too.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft remains a popular choice on Twitch, where viewers flock daily to watch streams filled with adventure and strategy. This game, known for its vast and detailed game play, continuously attracts a large audience. Streamers have found success in leveraging WoW Cataclysm boosters, which let them skip the grind and dive into the more thrilling parts of the game. This approach not only keeps their existing audience engaged but also attracts new viewers who are eager to see high-level content without the wait.

Top Streamers and Their Impact

Notable streamers such as Warcraft, Maximum, Xaryu, JokerdTV, and watchmeblink have become key figures in the WoW community. They’re not just playing; they’re influencing how the game is perceived and experienced online:

  • Warcraft: Attracts 8,082 viewers on average.
  • Maximum: Brings in about 3,789 viewers.
  • Xaryu: Captures around 3,296 viewers.
  • JokerdTV: Draws approximately 2,929 viewers.
  • watchmeblink: Engages with 2,414 viewers.

These streamers effectively use Cataclysm boost services to enhance their gameplay, showcasing everything from high-level raids to competitive PvP battles. Their ability to mix intense action with casual, engaging commentary helps them maintain a strong connection with their audience.

Viewer Preferences: What Draws the Crowd?

The attraction to WoW streams goes beyond the mechanics of the game to the personality of the streamers themselves. Viewers prefer channels where they can interact with the streamers and participate in the community. Those who use WoW Cataclysm boost are particularly popular because they can jump right into exciting, high-level play. This reduces downtime and maximizes entertainment, keeping the audience engaged and eager for more.

Streamers who effectively employ Cataclysm boosts, such as the WoW Cata boost or Cataclysm classic boost, find themselves better able to capture and hold the interest of their viewers, creating a dynamic and interactive stream experience. This approach not only enhances viewer satisfaction but also helps in building a loyal community around their channel.


Transitioning from the vast worlds of Warcraft and League of Legends, you encounter Valorant, a top contender in the Twitch streaming arena. Often compared with traditional tactical shooters, Valorant offers an engaging mix of strategic gameplay and dynamic combat that keeps both players and viewers on their toes.

Viewership and Popularity

Valorant commands impressive viewership numbers on Twitch. As of June 2024, the game has accumulated a total of 63,562,070 viewership hours. This high engagement level makes it clear why Valorant remains a preferred choice for streamers aiming to attract large audiences.

Streaming Channels and Average Viewers

Every month, about 3,700 channels broadcast Valorant streams to an average audience of 80,000 viewers per month. This robust broadcaster base demonstrates the game’s wide appeal and its community’s enthusiasm.

Community Engagement

With around 11 million followers on Twitch, Valorana fosters a substantial community. Streamers like Alfajer, nAts, Demon1, Suygetsu, and Subroza contribute significantly to this vibrant environment by constantly interacting with fans through chats and gameplay strategies during live streams.

Why Stream Valorant?

If you’re considering which game might expand your reach or engage your existing followers more deeply on Twitch:

  • Competitive Scene: Like LoL or WoW but with quicker matches typically lasting under 40 minutes each.
  • Strategic Diversity: Each character in Valorant offers unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle offering fresh content regularly.
  • Community Interaction: The active fan base provides ample opportunity for viewer engagement during streams.

Grand Theft Auto V

Another powerhouse in the Twitch streaming arena is Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). This action-packed game not only captivates audiences with its dynamic open-world adventure but also consistently ranks as one of the top games to stream on Twitch.

Viewership and Followers

Grand Theft Auto V boasts a remarkable presence on Twitch. With an average viewership of 59.8K and a substantial follower base of 67.8M, GTA V remains a favorite among streamers and viewers alike. These figures highlight the continued interest and engagement with the game, making it an excellent choice for your streaming content.

Game Categories

The versatility of GTA V’s gameplay includes multiple categories such as FPS, Shooter, Driving/Racing Game, Adventure Game, and Action. This variety allows you to tailor your streams based on what your audience enjoys most. Whether you’re orchestrating high-speed chases or exploring intricate plotlines, there’s something in GTA V for every viewer.

Top Streamers Insights

Gleaning insights from successful streamers can significantly enhance your strategy. Streamers like aminematue have amassed large audiences by focusing on engaging content within Grand Theft Auto V’s vast world. Observing these top streamers helps understand effective tactics such as interactive storytelling and community involvement that keep viewers coming back.

Selecting Your Niche: GTA Online vs Grand Theft Auto V

While some may prefer to broadcast under GTA Online due to its multiplayer aspect, it’s notable that Grand Theft Auto V generally attracts more viewers. This trend suggests prioritizing streams that explore new updates or lesser-known elements of the game might capture broader interest than following conventional paths.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) brings exciting survival-based action on varied maps where strategy plays as much a part as shooting skills do. It’s an ideal pick if you enjoy narrating play-by-play action and guiding viewers through tense situations.

PUBG captivates audiences with its realistic combat scenarios and strategic gameplay. Unlike other more fantastical games, PUBG grounds itself in reality, offering maps like Erangel or Miramar that simulate large realistic landscapes. This realism isn’t just in aesthetics; it extends to weaponry and tactics, creating high-stakes gameplay that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Monthly Twitch statistics highlight PUBG’s strong presence:

  • Average monthly viewers: 47K
  • Number of followers: 198K
  • Channels: 600

These figures demonstrate PUBG’s robust viewership base ready for engaging content.

Building Engagement Through Strategy

The strategic elements in PUBB allow you to interact creatively with your audience. You can discuss potential tactics live while navigating different terrains or handling unexpected challenges. This not only enhances the viewing experience but also encourages viewer participation as they may offer suggestions or strategies during critical moments.

Community Building Opportunities

Building a community around your streams becomes efficient with games like PUBB due to their competitive nature. Hosting custom matches can pull in audiences who enjoy participating actively rather than just watching. Besides, discussing update patches, weapon tweaks, and new strategies keeps your community returning for fresh insights and discussions.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you harness the full potential of streaming PUBB on Twitch by maximizing viewer engagement through strategic gameplay while fostering an active community.

Strategies for Growing Your Viewer Base on Twitch

Engage Regularly with Chat

Engaging with your audience during streams builds a personal connection that keeps viewers coming back. Greet new and returning viewers by name, answer questions, and share thoughts on the game’s developments. This interaction makes your stream more inviting.

Consistent Streaming Schedule

Consistency is key in building an audience. Post your streaming schedule prominently and stick to it so viewers know when to tune in. If you’re consistent, you’ll appear reliable, which increases viewer loyalty.

Use Social Media

Promote your Twitch channel on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Post updates about streaming times, special events or just share highlights from recent streams. This broadens your reach and draws new viewers who might not have found you through Twitch alone.

Collaborate with Other Streamers

Teaming up with fellow streamers can introduce you to their followers while giving their audience a chance to discover you. Choose collaborations wisely — align with streamers whose content complements yours for the best synergy.

Offer Unique Content

Distinguish yourself by offering something different than what’s already available. Whether it’s showcasing exceptional skill levels, providing educational content or exploring niche aspects of popular games, unique content stands out in a crowded field.

By implementing these strategies consistently while streaming engaging games like Minecraft or Fortnite, you’re more likely to attract and retain a dedicated viewer base on Twitch.


Choosing the right game to stream is crucial for your success on Twitch. By engaging with popular titles like Minecraft or Fortnite and integrating effective strategies like interacting with viewers and maintaining a consistent schedule you’re setting yourself up for growth. 

Remember that unique content not only keeps your current audience captivated but also attracts new viewers. Stay true to what makes your channel special and enjoy the journey of building your streaming career!


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