How to Do a Sendit on Snapchat

How to Do a Sendit on Snapchat

Snapchat continually evolves, introducing features that keep its user base hooked and engaged. Among these, the Sendit app stands out as a fun and interactive way to connect with friends through anonymous Q&A sessions. If you’ve stumbled upon this hidden gem or are curious about spicing up your Snapchat interactions, you’re in for a treat.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Sendit: Sendit is an app specifically designed for Snapchat that allows anonymous Q&A sessions with friends using AR technology, enhancing interactive communication.
  • Setting Up: To use Sendit, users must download the app, link it to their Snapchat account, and adjust settings for privacy and audience control.
  • Engagement Tips: For effective engagement on Sendit, be creative in crafting questions, mix personal queries with random ones, and actively participate in answering questions.
  • Customizing Interactions: Users can customize their Sendit experience by selecting unique backgrounds and adding visual effects or stickers to their questions before sharing them on Snapchat.
  • Direct vs. Story Sharing: Sendits can be posted publicly to a Snapchat story or sent directly to specific friends for targeted interaction, depending on the user’s preference for audience engagement.
  • Problem-Solving Guidance: The article provides troubleshooting advice for common issues like app updates and connectivity problems that may arise while using the Sendit integration with Snapchat.

What Is Sendit?

Sendit is an app integration designed for Snapchat that allows users to engage in anonymous Q&A sessions with friends. This feature taps into the fun of social spontaneity by letting you receive unexpected responses from your Snapchat circle. It leverages augmented reality (AR) technology, enhancing interaction beyond traditional messaging.

Key Features of Sendit

  1. Anonymous Questions: You can ask questions without revealing your identity, allowing for a more open and uninhibited exchange among friends.
  2. Random Question Generator: Click the dice icon within the app to receive a randomly generated question if you’re unsure what to ask.
  3. Integration with Snapchat: Seamlessly integrates with your Snapchat environment, making it simple to start games directly from the app.
  4. Customization Options: Personalize questions or choose from pre-set options tailored to various interests and occasions.

How To Use Sendit on Snapchat

To begin using Sendith on Snapchat:

  • Open your Snapchat app and locate the Sendit game within the gaming section.
  • Select a game or theme that resonates with your current mood or interest.
  • Type your question in the provided textbox if you have something specific in mind.
  • Tap ‘Share’ to send this question anonymously to selected friends or groups.

Effective Tips for Engaging Through Sendit

Be Creative: Craft intriguing questions that invite honest and playful responses.

Mix It Up: Use both personal queries and random ones generated by Sendit to keep interactions lively.

Stay Active: Regularly participate in answering questions as well when others send them through Sendit, fostering a reciprocal communication loop.

By understanding these elements of Sendith, you enhance not just digital communication but also fortify connections within your social circle through engaging and unpredictable exchanges.

Preparing to Use Sendit

Embarking on your anonymous Q&A adventure with Sendit requires a few initial steps. These will ensure your experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Downloading the App

To get started with Sendit, you first need to download the app. Sendit is available for download on both Apple’s App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. This makes it accessible regardless of the type of smartphone you use. Search for ‘Sendite’ in the store, and look for an app icon featuring a playful ghost alongside vibrant visuals.

Installing and Linking to Snapchat

Once you have downloaded Sendit, installing and linking it to your Snapchat account follows. Open Sendite after it installs—you’ll see a large yellow button at the bottom labeled “Let’s Go!” Tap this button, which leads directly to Snapchat. Here, a prompt asks you to “Connect to sendit.” Select ‘Continue’ to authorize Sendite’s integration with your Snapchat account.

Upon successful linkage, you automatically return to the Sendite app. You then obtain access by granting necessary permissions such as notifications and contacts; these allow enhanced functionality within the app like receiving alerts about new questions or answers from friends.

By following these straightforward steps under each subheading, setting up becomes quick and hassle-free, paving the way toward engaging anonymously with your Snapchat circle.

Setting Up Sendit

After downloading Sendit and linking it to Snapchat, the next step involves fine-tuning settings and permissions for optimal usage. These adjustments ensure a personalized and secure interaction within the app.

Adjusting Privacy Settings

To adjust your privacy settings in Sendit, start by opening the app and navigating to the settings menu. Here are specific actions you can take:

  1. Select Your Audience: Decide who can send you questions by selecting either ‘Everyone’ or ‘Friends Only’. This choice impacts how wide your interactions spread.
  2. Story Sharing Options: Control where your answers post—either publicly on your Snapchat story or privately.
  3. Anonymity Preferences: Although Sendit promotes anonymity, managing how anonymous you wish to remain is crucial.

Setting these preferences enhances your control over engagement levels and privacy, ensuring interactions remain enjoyable and secure.

Understanding Permissions

Sendit requires certain permissions to function effectively with Snapchat:

  • Camera Access: Necessary for AR features and responding to questions with photos.
  • Contacts Access: Allows you to invite friends from your contacts list directly through Senditz
  • Notification Services: Ensures you stay updated with new questions and replies without having to open the app constantly.

Grant these permissions promptly after installation to enjoy uninterrupted access to all of Sendit’s features. Remember, these settings can be adjusted anytime through the app’s permission section in your device’s settings menu.

Creating Your First Sendit

After setting up and adjusting your privacy settings in Sendit, you’re ready to jump into creating your first interactive Q&A session on Snapchat. This part of the process is both exciting and straightforward.

Choosing a Question

Selecting the right question is crucial as it sets the tone for the responses you’ll receive. Here are some tips:

  1. Identify Your Objective: Decide what you want to learn from this interaction. If you aim to know opinions about a recent movie, frame your question around that.
  2. Keep It Open-Ended: Questions that invite elaboration tend to gather more engaging responses. For example: “What did you think about the ending of [movie title]?”
  3. Be Clear and Concise: Ensure your question is easy to understand at first glance; confusion might deter participation.

When you open Sendit, click on the large message bubble labeled “Ask me anything” and either use this prompt or type in your customized question.

Customizing the Sendit

Customization can make your Sendit stand out and encourage more interaction:

  1. Choose an Appealing Background: Tap on the background option in the editing window to select a visual that complements your question.
  2. Add Stickers or Effects: Enhance visual appeal by adding stickers or AR effects available within Snapchat.
  3. Set Privacy Preferences: Decide if replies should be public or anonymous based on earlier privacy settings modifications.

Once satisfied with how your question looks, hit ‘Share’ to post it directly onto your Snapchat Story, alongside any added creative elements like selfies or additional text overlays.

Sending Your Sendit on Snapchat

After setting up your Sendit and adjusting the necessary settings, you are ready to send your first interactive Q&A. This could drastically enhance how you interact with friends on Snapchat.

Posting to Your Story

Posting a Sendit to your story allows all of your Snapchat friends or a selected audience to engage anonymously with your question. Follow these steps:

Open Sendit: Launch the app and create or select a question.

sendit app

Customize: Adjust the look of your question by choosing fonts and backgrounds that reflect your style.

choose users

Share: Tap the ‘Send to My Story’ button after customizing your question.

share send it

Monitor Responses: Check responses as they come in through notifications.

By posting to your story, every friend gets an opportunity to respond, fostering engagement and potentially sparking interesting conversations.

Sending Directly to Friends

If you prefer more targeted interactions, sending a Sendit directly can be quite effective:

  1. Select Question: Choose or write a specific question tailored for one friend or a select group.
  2. Customize Appearance: Like with stories, make it visually appealing with unique fonts and backgrounds.
  3. Send Privately: Instead of sharing widely, tap the ‘Send To…’ button and choose specific contacts from your list.
  4. Receive Feedback: Get responses directly from those chosen friends without exposing their identities publicly.

Sending directly enhances privacy and can make interactions feel more personal and meaningful between close friends.

Receiving and Responding to Sendits

After setting up your interactive Q&A session on Snapchat using the Sendit app, you will begin receiving anonymous responses from friends. Managing these replies and engaging with them effectively can enhance your social interaction on the platform.

Viewing Responses

When someone answers your question through Sendit, a notification appears promptly. Tap this alert to open the Sendit app where all responses are displayed under an envelope icon featuring a heart. Here, each response aligns with the corresponding question you posted, allowing for organized viewing. The process ensures that no reply goes unnoticed and that you can browse through all received feedback in one place.

Replying to Questions

Engaging with responses is straightforward. Once you view a particular answer in the Sendit app, decide if you want to reply directly or share thoughts broadly on Snapchat Stories or individual snaps. To maintain engagement and keep conversations lively:

  • Consider replying directly within the app by selecting “Reply” beneath any response.
  • Share insightful or humorous answers on your Snapchat Story to involve more friends in the conversation if they pertain to broader interests.

This approach not only fosters more dynamic interactions but also contributes positively to building stronger connections within your social circle by showing responsiveness and appreciation for others’ inputs.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering problems while using Sendit with Snapchat can be frustrating. This section provides solutions to common issues that may arise, ensuring a seamless process.

Sendit Not Working With Snapchat

If you find that Sendit is not functioning correctly with Snapchat, follow these steps:

  1. Check App Updates: Ensure both Snapchat and Sendit are updated to their latest versions. Outdated apps can lead to compatibility issues.
  2. Reconnect Your Accounts: Disconnect and then reconnect your Snapchat account to Sendintegrated within the app settings. This reset often resolves connection problems.
  3. Review Permissions: Access the permissions for both applications in your phone’s settings menu. Confirm that all necessary permissions, especially those related to camera, contacts, and notifications, are enabled.
  4. Restart Your Device: Sometimes, simply restarting your smartphone can resolve underlying issues that affect app performance.

By following these steps, you restore functionality between Sendit and Snapchat if disruptions occur.

Issues With Posting Sendits

When difficulties arise with posting your Sendits on Snapchat, consider these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Internet Connectivity: Verify your internet connection is stable and robust enough for uploading content.
  2. App Caches: Clear caches for both Snapchat and Sendit as accumulated data might be causing the issue.
  3. File Size and Format: Check if the media files included in your Sendits adhere to supported formats and size limits specified by Snapchat.
  4. Error Messages: Pay attention to any error messages displayed when attempting to post; they often provide clues on what needs fixing.


Now that you’ve got the scoop on integrating Sendit with Snapchat, you’re all set to spice up your social interactions. Whether you choose to post questions to your story for a broad audience or send them directly for intimate chats, the steps are straightforward and geared towards making every exchange fun and meaningful. Remember if you ever hit a snag while navigating through, those handy troubleshooting tips are there to smooth things out. So go ahead embrace this exciting way of connecting with friends and watch how lively your Snapchat circle becomes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Sendit with my Snapchat account?

To set up Sendit, download the app and link it to your Snapchat. Open Sendit, tap on ‘Connect to Snapchat’, and follow the prompts to authorize the connection. This will sync your Snap account with Sendit for seamless use.

What are the necessary permissions needed for optimal functionality of Sendit?

Sendit requires access to your Snapchat account, location services for custom content, camera and photo library for media sharing, and notification permissions to alert you of new interactions.

How do I create my first interactive Q&A session using Sendital on Snapchat?

After linking Sendit with Snapchat, select ‘Create’ in the app, choose a question template or write your own question, customize its appearance (font color and background), then set privacy preferences if desired. Finally, share it directly with friends or post it on your story.

Can I send a Sendit anonymously on Snapchat?

Yes. When creating a new message in Sendtial after launching it from within Snapchat: type your message—and rest assured—your identity remains hidden as responses go through the app’s anonymous system before appearing back in Snapchat.

What are some troubleshooting tips for common issues when using Sendital with Snapchat?

Ensure both apps are updated to their latest versions. Check network connectivity if experiencing delays. Review app permissions periodically under settings in both apps—ensure they’re enabled as required. If problems persist, reinstalling both applications can help resolve lingering issues.

How can I view and manage replies efficiently in Sential?

Replies appear within Sential under each posted query; swipe through them easily by accessing ‘My Posts.’ To organize replies better or reply directly within Sential before opting whether or not to share responses publicly on your Story is also an option accessible from this section.

For any additional information regarding how to use features specificially designed for enhancing social interaction via these platforms please refer directly back into either application’s help sections or their respective customer support lines available online.


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