How to Download Facebook Videos Online

How to Download Facebook Videos Online

Facebook is the most-used social media platform worldwide, with billions of active users. Several years ago, it was considered the most effective channel to interact socially with people online. However, nowadays, it is popular amongst online users for some other reasons. One of the leading reasons behind the frequent attention it gets from online users is Facebook videos.

You will find videos related to various niches and topics. Millions of Facebook users access it daily to watch videos on the platform to entertain themselves, become aware of current affairs, and learn new skills. Various brands, influencers, and content creators also upload videos on Facebook. Users also share in-post videos, reels, and stories on the platform.

While most people prefer watching Facebook videos online, some others also want to download them to watch their favorite videos offline and share them with others. However, the problem for such people is their unawareness of a few simple methods to download Facebook videos easily.

This article resolves this issue by discussing these methods in detail. Read on to learn more about these methods.

Using Video Downloading Software

Using Video Downloading Software

This is an obvious option known to everyone, and many people have been using it to download videos from various online platforms for years. It could be a perfect solution for people who want to download their favorite Facebook videos and share them with others. It enables you to download videos in your desired qualities and formats. You can also download audio versions of Facebook videos through it.

This method comes with its own pros and cons. You must install video-downloading software on a device running on a particular operating system to use it. The installation process is quite complicated. You must also install its plug-in in your default browser to make it work. Moreover, this video-downloading software is not free, making it a costly solution.

Installing a Smartphone Application

installing smart app

As we all know, most users access Facebook through smartphones, whether they want to interact with others or watch videos. They can also download videos directly on their smartphones to stream them offline. Such users can install smartphone applications to help them download their desired high-quality videos. Multiple free applications are available for this purpose.

Some apps may require users to paste the URL of videos, while others allow users to browse the platform directly to save time and effort. It is worth mentioning that installing a smartphone application to download Facebook videos may consume a significant amount of storage space.

It could be a serious problem for people with smartphones already running low on storage space.

Pro Tip: To download Facebook videos without installing any software or apps, use a web-based Facebook video downloader. Simply copy the URL of the desired video and paste it into the tool. This method is free, does not require registration, and works across different devices and operating systems, allowing you to download videos in various qualities without needing any installation.

Facebook Video Downloader

installing smartphone app

Another effective way to download video from Facebook is to use an online tool. Such a tool is commonly referred to as a Facebook video downloader. Using this tool is quite easy, as users simply need to copy the URL of their desired video and paste it on the tool. The rest is on the Facebook video downloader, as it will download your desired video in seconds. The best part about using such a tool is its cross-platform compatibility.

Users can access it through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, regardless of their operating systems.

Additionally, an online Facebook video downloader is free and allows users to download videos from Facebook in their desired quality. Moreover, it doesn’t require installation as it is a web-based utility. Another great thing about this tool is that it doesn’t require any kind of registration. Hence, users can use it without logging in or signing up.

Browser Extension Could be an Option

browser extension

We can install extensions on our default browsers for multiple purposes. One of those purposes could be downloading videos from social media platforms, including Facebook. Multiple browser extensions are available for this purpose. Users who generally access Facebook through PCs and want to save their favorite videos on such devices for offline streaming and sharing can use this method for downloading.

The method is quite simple: users have to browse the extensions store of their default browser and find a plug-in to download videos from Facebook. Once you find such an extension, install it in your browser. A Facebook video downloader extension will pop up the video download option once you start watching any Facebook video on a web media player.

Manual Video Downloading Technique is Also There

manual video

Another option to download Facebook videos is also usable. However, it is not as easy as the ones mentioned above. It is also worth mentioning that it is usable on PCs only. You have to follow a few simple steps to download videos using it. Further details are listed below.

  • Copy the URL of your favorite Facebook video.
  • Open a new tab in your browser.
  • Paste the URL of the video in a new tab.
  • Now replace ‘www’ with ‘mbasic’.
  • After doing that, press enter to open the post.
  • A post containing your desired video will be displayed.
  • Right-click on the video to select “Open link in a new tab.”.
  • A new tab displaying your desired video will appear.
  • Right-click on the video to select the option “Save video as.”.
  • Now, choose the folder where you want to save the video.
  • The video will be saved on your device for offline usage.

In the End

Downloading Facebook videos is not a problem anymore. All you have to do is become aware of a few simple methods that can help you download videos from Facebook easily. In this article, we have discussed various methods to simplify the Facebook video downloading process. Hopefully, you will find this article useful and use any of the above-discussed methods to download your favorite Facebook videos.

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