Can You Disable YouTube Shorts?

Can You Disable YouTube Shorts?

Ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through YouTube, only to be bombarded by an avalanche of bite-sized videos known as Shorts? While these quick clips can be entertaining, sometimes you just want your old YouTube back—clean and streamlined. If you’re nodding along, you might be wondering if there’s a way to disable these Shorts and reclaim your feed.

Fortunately, you’ve got options. Whether you’re browsing on a mobile device or settled in at your desktop, tweaking your YouTube experience to suit your preferences is easier than you might think. Let’s jump into how you can adjust your settings and enjoy a Shorts-free viewing experience on YouTube.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding YouTube Shorts: YouTube Shorts are short, engaging videos no longer than 60 seconds, similar to TikTok. They’re integrated in both the app and website, designed for quick consumption.
  • Reasons to Disable Shorts: Users might want to disable Shorts to avoid distractions and manage time better, reduce data consumption, or because the short-form content doesn’t align with their personal preferences.
  • How to Disable YouTube Shorts: You can adjust settings in the YouTube app or use browser extensions like ‘YouTube-Shorts Block’ on desktops. Alternatively, Android users can downgrade their app version to avoid Shorts.
  • Effects of Disabling Shorts: Removing YouTube Shorts can change user experience by enhancing focus on long-form content and making it easier to find videos that offer more in-depth analysis or entertainment without interruptions.
  • Content Accessibility Post Disabling Shorts: With Shorts disabled, your feed will prioritize full-length videos which may provide more detailed information and less spontaneous content, potentially affecting how you discover new trends and emerging creators.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short-form videos, designed to be quickly consumed and highly engaging. They last no longer than 60 seconds, making them perfect for viewers who prefer brief, dynamic content. The concept is similar to TikTok videos, focusing on ease of use and potential for viral trends.

These shorts appear in a dedicated ‘Shorts’ section on the YouTube platform. If you’re browsing through the mobile app or website, you’ll find these videos integrated seamlessly into your feed. Their design caters to users looking for quick entertainment options – from comedy sketches and dance challenges to quick DIY tips and personal vlogs.

Even though their popularity among many users, some find these shorts distracting or irrelevant to their interests. Recognizing this preference, YouTube offers options to manage or disable the feature entirely, allowing you to customize your viewing experience according to your tastes or needs. This flexibility ensures that whether you enjoy these quick clips or prefer traditional long-form videos, you can tailor your YouTube interface accordingly.

Motivations for Disabling YouTube Shorts

While YouTube Shorts offer a quick and entertaining way to consume content, there are several reasons why you might choose to disable them.

Distraction Issues

YouTube Shorts are designed to be highly engaging, capturing your attention with quick, dynamic content. This could lead to prolonged viewing sessions where you find yourself scrolling through one short video after another.

It’s easy to lose track of time when each video seamlessly leads to the next, which can disrupt your productivity or interfere with your daily tasks. If managing your time effectively is a priority, disabling these distracting elements may help you stay focused on more important activities.

Data Consumption

Streaming video content generally requires significant data usage, and YouTube Shorts are no exception. These videos often play automatically as you scroll through them, consuming data without deliberate intention.

If you’re on a limited data plan or if network bandwidth is a concern in your area, watching brief yet high-quality videos repeatedly can quickly deplete your available resources. By turning off YouTube Shorts, you can significantly reduce your data consumption.

Content Concerns

Although YouTube curates a wide range of short private videos, they might not always align with your personal interests or preferences. Some users express dissatisfaction due to repetitive themes or the superficial nature of short-form content compared to in-depth traditional videos.

Also, the algorithm might not perfectly capture user preferences leading to irrelevant suggestions within the Shorts feed. If the content doesn’t resonate with you or doesn’t add value to your viewing experience, it makes sense that removing this feature would enhance overall satisfaction with the platform.

Methods to Disable YouTube Shorts

If you’re looking to cut down on distractions or simply prefer a more traditional YouTube experience, disabling YouTube Shorts might be beneficial. Here’s how you can adjust your settings and modify your app version to achieve this.

Adjust YouTube App Settings

To manage YouTube Shorts directly from the app on your mobile device, tap the three dots present on any Short and select “Not Interested.” This action helps in temporarily removing similar content from your feed. On desktops, a simple click on the “X” icon at the top right corner of any Shorts card will hide that section for 30 days. These changes won’t permanently remove Shorts but will customize and reduce their visibility based on your preference.

Use Browser Extensions on Desktop

For those who use YouTube primarily via a web browser, adding an extension offers a more permanent solution. Install extensions like ‘YouTube-Shorts Block,’ ‘ShortsBlocker,’ or ‘Hide YouTube Shorts’ available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. These tools effectively block Shorts from appearing in your feed altogether.

Downgrade to an Older Version of the Yellow App

On Android devices, another method is downgrading to an older version of the YouTube app where Shorts may not be as predominant or entirely absent. Download an APK file for an older version from sites like APKMirror. Remember to disable auto-updates in Google Play Store settings to prevent the app from updating automatically which might reintroduce Shorts into your user interface.

By using these methods, you can tailor your YouTube experience according to what suits you best — whether it’s minimizing distractions or enjoying longer-form content without interruptions.

Impact of Disabling YouTube Shorts

Disabling YouTube Shorts can significantly alter your interaction with the platform, depending on your content preferences and usage habits. This section explores how such changes can affect user experience and content accessibility.

User Experience Changes

When you disable YouTube Shorts, your overall user experience may shift positively or negatively based on what aspects of the platform you value most. For instance, if you prefer in-depth analysis or longer viewing sessions without frequent interruptions, removing Shorts could enhance content enjoyment by reducing distractions. This change allows for a more focused browsing environment where long-form videos stand out more prominently in your feed.

Conversely, if staying updated with quick trends and engaging in viral content is important to you, disabling Shorts might limit these experiences. You’ll miss out on popular snippets that often captivate wide audiences quickly and are easy to consume during short breaks or while multitasking.

Accessibility of Content

Disabling YouTube Shorts affects how you access different types of content. With shorts disabled:

  • Your feed centers more on full-length videos that might offer detailed explorations of topics.
  • You’re less likely to stumble upon spontaneous and creative expressions typical in shorter clips which often capture immediate reactions or innovative ideas from across the globe.

If your interest leans toward educational tutorials, documentaries, or professionally produced series, this change could simplify finding relevant videos without sifting through numerous short clips unrelated to your interests. But, remember that some emerging creators use Shorts as a stepping stone; disabling this feature could mean missing out on discovering new talent early in their creative journey.

By understanding these impacts, you can make an well-informed choice about whether disabling YouTube Shorts aligns with your viewing preferences and what type of content enriches your time spent on YouTube.


You’ve seen how managing your YouTube Shorts settings can significantly alter your browsing experience. If you’re looking to minimize distractions or are concerned about data usage you might find disabling Shorts beneficial. It tailors your interaction with the platform allowing for a more personalized and satisfying viewing experience especially if longer detailed content is what keeps you engaged.

On the flip side consider what might be missed in terms of trending topics and emerging creators who thrive in the short-form space. The choice is yours and understanding these nuances ensures that whatever decision you make it’s well-informed suiting your personal media consumption habits perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short videos, up to 60 seconds long, similar to TikTok. They offer a variety of content including comedy sketches and DIY tips.

How can I manage or disable YouTube Shorts?

To disable Shorts, use the app settings in the YouTube mobile app. Navigate to the settings menu, select ‘Shorts’ and toggle off the feature to stop displaying them on your feed.

Why might someone choose to disable YouTube Shorts?

Users might disable YouTube Shorts to avoid distractions, reduce data consumption, or improve their satisfaction with content depth and relevance.

What is the impact of disabling YouTube Shorts on user experience?

Disabling YouTube Shorts can enhance enjoyment of longer content by reducing distractions. However, it may limit exposure to trending quick clips and viral content favored by some users.

How does disabling YouTube Shorts affect content accessibility?

When you disable Shorts, it emphasizes full-length videos over shorter clips. This simplification could make finding relevant long-form content easier but may result in missing out on new talents who prefer using the format for creative expression.

Is there a way to filter specific types of unwanted content within YouTube Shorts?

While blocking all shorts is not possible directly through app settings, marking individual shorts as “Not Interested” helps tailor your feed away from undesired content types in both Home feeds and while watching other videos.


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