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SocialAppsHQ is the leading provider for YouTube Likes. We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs. Our customers love our service because they can buy likes in bulk, or just one at a time as needed. Check out our YouTube Likes Packages below!


About SocialAppsHQ’s YouTube Likes

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. But getting organic views on your video can be hard, especially if you’re a small or medium business with limited resources.

You want to get more views, but it’s difficult to know where and how to start. It can also be expensive when you try to buy them directly from YouTube itself.

SocialAppsHQ’s services for YouTube Likes are an affordable way of getting real people who have never seen your videos before watching them. Find out more about what makes SocialAppshQ’s YouTube Likes special!

Likes From Real Users

You'll get likes from real YouTube users (no bots). This is because we only promote videos with our marketing strategies. This includes strategies such as YouTube Ads, working with YouTube influencers and etc.

100% Safe

Our YouTube Likes Services are 100% safe and secure. We do not use bots, scripts, or any other harmful method to generate likes for your YouTube videos.If you need high-quality service from a trusted company then SocialAppsHQ is what you’re looking for!

Unlimited Likes

You're able to purchase as many likes as you want with SocialAppsHQ to give your video that viral effect. You can buy likes in a large amount with one purchase and we'll use "drip-feed" to make the likes come in over a period of time. This will give your video an authentic look, rather than just having all your views coming from one day.

Amazing Customer Support

We understand that sometimes you need help with your service. We offer support via email, so if something goes wrong we can be there to make sure that it gets fixed as quickly as possible.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Likes

There are many reasons why you might want to buy YouTube Likes. Let’s start with what they are really:

Improve your video engagement rate

You can easily boost your video engagement rate by adding more likes. This will help you to stand out from the competition and get more views for your videos.

Help Your YouTube Videos Get Viral

YouTube likes will make your videos go viral. It's easier to reach more people when you have a lot of YouTube Likes on the video.

Improve the social proof of your business

When you buy YouTube likes, it will make your business look more trustworthy. It's a great way to improve the social proof of your company and show that you are popular on YouTube!

How To Buy YouTube Likes

In SocialAppsHQ, we make it easy for you to purchase YouTube Likes.

Choose a package

Just choose the package you want and click on "add to cart" to proceed with the order.

Provide Information

Once you've made the payment, you'll be redirected to a dashboard. You will need your YouTube video URL in order for us to generate likes that are authentic, real, and meaningful.

Wait For Delivery

All you need is to wait for the delivery of your YouTube Likes. We usually take 1–5 days to deliver your order which depends on the order size. You'll get a more accurate delivery timeline when you access your dashboard.

Other YouTube Marketing Services

In SocialAppsHQ, we provide affordable YouTube marketing services, because we want you to succeed! Here are some of our other popular YouTube marketing services:

  • YouTube Subscribers – Getting YouTube subscribers means that your videos are getting views, which means exposure! More and more people will talk about your channel if they see it growing.
  • YouTube Views – When people watch your videos, it’s a sure bet that they will share the video with their friends. That’s why more views is always good! It means more exposure to your YouTube channel.
  • YouTube Comments – You’ve probably heard this before: If you want to get YouTube views, you need comments on your videos. More and more people will talk about your channel if they see it growing.
  • YouTube Accounts – To run a successful YouTube channel, you need to have your own Youtube account. That’s why we provide very affordable Youtube accounts for sale.
  • YouTube Watch Time –  This is a must for a successful YouTube channel. The more watch time you get, the more your videos will be on popular pages and recommended lists.
  • YouTube Shares – If you want to gain a lot of exposure, you need more shares on your videos. We provide very affordable YouTube share services that will surely boost your channel!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying YouTube Likes

We’ve complied a list of FAQs about our YouTube Likes service. Check it out below.

How Much Time It Will Take To Deliver My Likes Order?

It will take about 1 – 5 days to deliver your YouTube Likes. This is because we deliver your order gradually (drip-feed) instead of all at once to show a natural growth of engagement for your YouTube video.

What Are The Sources of Your YouTube Likes?

Our YouTube Likes come from active users that are interested in your content and want to help you by liking it. We do this by running social campaigns, which allow us to target new and active users.

Can I get likes from YouTube from certain countries?

Unfortunately no. This is because we run campaigns worldwide instead of a specific country.

Is buying YouTube Likes Safe?

Yes. It is safe because we don’t use bots for our YouTube Likes service. We run marketing campaigns to promote your videos to relevant and active users on YouTube.