Buy YouTube Comments (Custom)


About SocialAppsHQ’s YouTube Comments Service

There are many websites that offer you the ability to buy comments for your video. But, what makes SocialAppsHQ’s YouTube Comments service different from the rest?

Comments From Real Users

In SocialAppsHQ, you're going to get real YouTube comments from different locations around the world. We do not use any bots, automated software or anything like that. All our comments come from real people who are actually watching your video.

Non-Drop Youtube Comments

The comments you'll get from SocialAppsHQ are NOT going to drop. What does that mean? It means that the YouTube comments will be active and will stay for a long time on your video. No matter how many times people watch it, the comments will always remain visible.

100% Safe

It is safe to order comments from SocialAppsHQ. We fulfill your order by promoting your YouTube videos in our promotional campaigns. SocialAppsHQ does not use bots, software or any kind of impersonator accounts to complete your order. All comments are genuine and come from real people who actually watch your videos.

Drip Feed Approach

To make sure that our YouTube comments are genuine, we deliver your order gradually (drip--feed). What that means is that every comment comes from different people and these users will leave the comment a few days after your video has been submitted to SocialAppsHQ for processing.

Cheap Rates

Unlike other companies, SocialAppsHQ provides very cheap rates for our YouTube Comment Service. Our prices are highly competitive and yet, we still provide a quality service that's delivered in a timely manner.

Amazing Customer Support

We understand that our customers have different questions and concerns. That's why we're here to answer those inquiries right away. It also helps that our customer support Team is very friendly and they will make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?

You’re probably wondering, “Why should I buy YouTube subscribers?” Check out the reasons below.

Boost Your Channel Authority

You can buy YouTube subscribers to boost your channel authority. This is because channels with high subscriber counts are seen as more trustworthy and reputable.

Get More Views

With a large following, you're able to get more views because your YouTube content will be seen by many people.

Build a Following

You can use your channel as a way to market and build a following for other products or services that you're trying to promote. People are more likely to listen when you have a large number of people following you.

Other YouTube Marketing Services

We also offer other YouTube marketing services like- We strive hard to keep our prices affordable for a wide range of customers. in SocialAppsHQ, we have designed different levels of YouTube marketing packages that will suit your requirements and budget.

  • YouTube Likes – This service is designed to help you get real YouTube likes from different online users who are ready to like your video.
  • YouTube Subscribers – To help you get the real YouTube subscribers we built this package for our clients.
  • YouTube Views – If you want your videos to be watched by real people we made it easy for you to get real YouTube views from worldwide viewers.
  • YouTube Accounts – To get started with YouTube marketing you will need real YouTube accounts to build a strong audience. We provide you with real YouTube accounts at a very affordable rate.
  • YouTube Watch Time –  If you want your videos to stay on YouTube longer watch time is the best way to achieve this. We offer you a YouTube watch time service that will make your videos stay on YouTube for a longer period of time.
  • YouTube Shares –  To get more exposure for your YouTube videos, SocialAppsHQ also offers you with YouTube shares service.

How To Buy YouTube Comments

We make it easy to buy YouTube comments from us.

Select Your Packages

You can select any of the packages we offer.

Access to the Dashboard

After you have successfully placed your order, you will be directed to the dashboard. In this page, you'll need to fill out your details.

Wait for delivery

After you've entered your details, we will start the delivery of your order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing YouTube Comments

We also understand that you may have some questions about the YouTube comment packages. So, to address your concerns and doubts we have answered the most frequently asked questions below:

Is it safe to buy YouTube comments?

Yes, it is safe to buy YouTube comments. This is because the real YouTube comments will be posted by real people.

How fast will I receive the comments?

It depends on the YouTube comment package you buy. We usually deliver 8 – 25 days. This is because we deliver your order over a period of time (drip feed) to show the natural growth pattern of your channel.

Can I get the comments in bulk?

Yes, you can get YouTube comments in bulk. Just let us know how many comments you want and we will prepare a quote for you shortly.

Are the comments permanent?

Yes, the comments you will receive from us are permanent. This is because we promote relevant online users who are ready to leave real YouTube comments.

Where do the YouTube Comments come from?

The YouTube comments you receive from SocialAppsHQ will be posted by real people all over the world. We promote your video to online users who are interested in your videos.

Can I get comments from certain countries only (geo-target)?

Unfortunately, you can’t. This is because we promote your videos to a wide range of people from different parts of the world.

Will these comments drop?  

No. This is because the comments are from real people.

Do you offer a free trial for YouTube comments?

Unfortunately not. This is because our YouTube marketing packages are designed to help you increase the subscribers for your channel and they come with a one-time payment.