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Black hat linkbuilding, poor quality, or poorly generated content created by AI due to the use of mediocre tools or prompts – it’s really difficult to find quality content marketing and linkbuilding services in 2024. Thus, I was quite surprised when I came across – the company (and platform) for content marketing and linkbuilding that I want to share with you in this review.

Linkhouse definitely deserves high ratings. The company offers excellent guest posting, a great marketplace to obtain valuable links, and a few helpful tools for creating unique and appealing content with and without the use of AI. I encourage you to read this review of Linkhouse and see why I liked it so much.

Linkbuilding with Linkhouse Reviewed

I’ll start my Linkhouse review with linkbuilding, since it’s the most thorough and complex option available. Or rather, I should say options, as there’s no one way to acquire links through Linkhouse. Instead, you can do it by manually strolling through the Linkbuilding Marketplace, utilizing an AI-powered Link Planner, going through a Backlink Gap analysis, or even…acquiring links in SERPs with the use of Linkhouse SEO Backlink Finder plugin for Google Chrome. Did I mention guest post packages? That’s also an option!

Linkbuilding Marketplace

You’ll find many marketplaces offering backlinks on the internet, but what distinguishes Linkhouse is its transparency and intuitiveness. You can easily scroll through thousands of domains, filter them based on your goals (with over 60 filters!), and analyze their parameters – both those provided by Linkhouse and those offered by well-known tools like Ahrefs.

What’s more, the Backlinks Marketplace offers three options: link insertion, guest post, and advertising links, letting you tailor the types of backlinks to your current strategy. I’ve found it extremely useful as a support to my campaigns, but I wouldn’t rely on the marketplace to put complex, long-term strategies to life. For that, I recommend another tool – the Link Planner.

Backlink Gap

As the name suggests, Backlink Gap is a Linkhouse module that automatically analyzes your competition and provides you with link offers for those websites that your competitors have their links on and you don’t. It is extremely intuitive –  using it was a piece of cake.

I got to choose what I wanted to analyze: the whole domain, a certain path or category, or even particular phrases, entered my URL, chose the competitors, and then I got a page with the domains the page linking to my competitors but not to my website, with offers to purchase those links. Interestingly enough, the purchase process was quite an e-commerce experience – I got to add links to the cart and then check out.

When checking out, I got an overview of the offers where I could make the orders separately or all at once and see the details (like whether the publisher will write the guest post or I’ll have to provide them with one). All of this was quick and easy, so that’s another point added up to my Linkhouse rating.

Link Planner

Linkhouse Link Planner deserves a separate review, as it is a tool that any online marketer should have access to, no matter whether they freelance, work in-house, or in a marketing agency.

It’s an AI-driven tool that lets you automate creating linkbuilding campaigns and putting them to life. Linkhouse claims that it takes up to 60 seconds, and I must admit – it is quick.

Link Planner

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. I had to enter my domain, add all the guidelines and then AI performed its magic. I got a list of the URLs I should strengthen with backlinks (it was accurate, but I like the fact that you could enter additional URLs manually), and when I accepted it, I got an offer of pages to publish my links (though this time without the e-commerce vibe). Here, there were quite a few elements that I really liked:

  • I could choose from the offered links rather than being shown with a fixed offer,
  • I could order a preview of the links,
  • I could easily reassign the elements on the list or even reset it if needed (if you ever had to uncheck a list manually, you probably realize how big an advantage it is),
  • the bar displaying my budget goal was a (visually) nice addition.

What’s worth noting in my Linkhouse Link Planner review is that the tool itself gives you quite a few options for your campaigns, such as:

  • Manual – the one I created,
  • Recurring – one that lets you plan a linkbuilding cycle and conduct it automatically,
  • Data-driven – one based on the data from your Google Search Console,
  • Competition-based – one focused on covering link gaps.

While I didn’t try the other types of campaigns, I got quite a grasp of how they work due to the extensive guides on each subpage dedicated to them, which in my opinion, is a major pro.

The only downside of the link planner could be the credit system – I got two credits for free (everybody does), but I’d need more of them if I wanted to create more campaigns. But on the other hand, every $220 spent on the platform would give me one credit, so if I’d purchased the links, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Seo Backlink Finder

Seo Backlink Finder was something that I didn’t expect, but surprised me positively. It’s a Google Chrome addon that displays info on the sites in the Linkhouse database when scrolling through the SERPs.

Linkhouse SEO Backlink Finder

It’s a useful addition that helped me find a good site for my links once or twice, and I really appreciate that Linkhouse provides even such small elements to make linkbuilding easier.

Content Creation with Linkhouse Reviewed

While all the linkbuilding features are excellent, I was especially tempted to test something else: the guest post packages and the Surfer AI content writing. How did it work out?

Guest Post Packages

Starting with guest post packages…they’re a great option. It’s really good that, instead of just preparing the text and posting it, Linkhouse gives you the option to choose either the domain rating of the publisher or the organic traffic to their website – it really helps in tailoring the guest posts to the overall strategy.

When it comes to pricing, it was also ok – considering that typically I would need to pay the publisher (depending on both the DR and traffic) and the copywriter while spending time on finding both, guest post packages do feel like an affordable alternative – it costs only $120 to get one 600-words long article for a website with either 5000 traffic or 20 DR; in comparison, writing the same post and publishing it on a website with 60+ DR or 20,000 organic traffic costs $310 and $240 accordingly, which seems reasonable considering that such publishers charge more.

What about the quality of the posts? It’s good. I was especially afraid about the posts on high-traffic websites, but I needn’t have worried – the copywriter did listen to all my comments, and the text was fine.

Surfer AI Content Writing

Another option that Linkhouse comes with is creating articles with Surfer AI – you purchase a linking space, generate an article, and can have it published in just a few minutes. But, as it goes with AI, I wasn’t sure about the quality, so I was curious to test the tool.

I filled out the keywords, added the picture, input the outline, and waited for the article to be generated. Linkhouse promises that it takes only a few minutes, and at least in my case, this was true – after 6-7 minutes, I got a notification that the text was ready. The final article was okay – it wasn’t a copywriting masterpiece (as one would expect), but it definitely was worth publishing. What I do appreciate, though, is that I had to approve the article – not all content services offer that, so a big plus for Linkhouse for this option.

The only downside of the Surfer AI is that it’s available only in English, though Linkhouse promises to implement other languages when they become supported by Surfer AI.

Linkhouse – A Great Alternative for Off-site Specialists

Linkhouse is good, especially if you want to optimize your time management and automate your linkbuilding processes. It helps you save time and money, as you’ll probably spend the saved hours on more value-adding tasks. So, as you might expect after reading this Linkhouse review, I strongly recommend it – no matter whether you’re a freelancer or work in an agency!

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