How To Secure Your LinkedIn Account

How to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Account is Secure

When using a social media platform like LinkedIn, privacy is very important. There’s always that sense of uncertainty every time we give up our private information online, which can be understandably scary for most of us. Although LinkedIn already promises a strong level of security once you create an account and provide them with your personal details, there are still a lot of ways that you can take to really make sure that your LinkedIn account is secure.

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Enable two-step verification On Your LinkedIn Account

Two-step verification is adding a second layer of protection when a user attempts to sign in to his / her account. It’s like entering two passwords but in different ways. LinkedIn offers two types of verification methods for its users: using an authenticator application or with your own phone number.

To enable the two-step verification option in your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your homepage and click Me, then select Settings and Privacy.
  2. In the Account tab, locate the Two-step Verification under Sign In and Security.
  3. After that, click Change, and then select Turn On.
  4. Enter your password, then choose which verification method you prefer, and then finally click Continue.

settings to enable two step verification on LinkedIn

It’s more common and easier to just use your phone number as your verification method. But if you opt to use an authenticator application, you need to find one first and download it before proceeding. The most commonly used app is Microsoft Authenticator.

Once you are all done setting up the two-step verification, every time you log in, LinkedIn will ask you to further verify your identity with your chosen verification method. This additional security option ensures that no one else will be able to open your LinkedIn account other than yourself.

Update your LinkedIn Account’s password regularly

Even if you have already enabled your two-step verification on LinkedIn, it still would not hurt to be extra wary of our own account passwords. The best way to make sure that it is secure is by changing it every month or every other month. But if it sounds like a very daunting task to do, you can always just make sure that it has a good mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. That way, hackers will have a hard time trying to decipher what your password might be.

Although it is tempting, adding significant dates to our passwords isn’t that ideal either. Birthdays can easily be tracked down to you, especially during this age where greetings are commonly in a form of Facebook posts or Instagram stories. So it is better if you avoid including it in your personal password.

Additionally, having different passwords for all, or most, of your social media accounts will help you in preventing hackers from stealing every account that you have online.

settings to enable two step verification on LinkedIn settings to change LinkedIn account password

Configure Your LinkedIn Account’s Privacy Settings

Your account’s Privacy Settings includes a lot of options that you can tinker with which filters the amount of information that goes public on the platform, may it be with your connections or to all LinkedIn users.

  1. To access your Privacy Settings, just go to your homepage then click Me. 
  2. After that, select Settings & Privacy and then find and click the Data Privacy option on the left portion of the page.

There are various privacy options here that you can customize. If you don’t want to broadcast the changes that you make on your account to your connections, then you can just simply turn it off in your privacy settings.

You can also change what information you can display on your LinkedIn page or even be an anonymous LinkedIn user if you like. If you don’t want other people to see who your connections are, you can even make it private as well.

Those are only some of the features that you can adjust that will protect your privacy according to your preference. Make sure to check it regularly as LinkedIn also regularly adjusts its privacy setting for its users.

settings on LinkedIn account data privacy

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FAQs About Making Sure Your LinkedIn Account is Secure

Here are some FAQs that we get on ensuring your LinkedIn account is secure.

What is Private Mode in LinkedIn?

– Private Mode is an option that LinkedIn offers to all its users, Free or Premium, which allows them to browse other LinkedIn accounts without disclosing their profile information.

What does ‘security check required’ mean in LinkedIn?

– This is LinkedIn’s way of ensuring that it’s only you who can access your personal account. So if there are any changes in your profile that you might want to make, LinkedIn might ask for a security check to verify that it’s really you.

Should you make your LinkedIn profile public?

– It all depends on what you are using the platform for. But if you are trying to be recruited for a job, LinkedIn is one way for them of getting a better read of you as a potential employee. So making it public makes it easier for them to look for you and even perhaps recruit you.

Is LinkedIn a security risk?

– LinkedIn offers its users a lot of control when it comes to their private information. If everything about you is displayed in public, then that definitely poses a bigger risk to your personal details. So always make sure to check and update your LinkedIn account’s privacy settings.


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