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Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search!


Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search!

Grand Prize

Brush Buddies awards Keana our Grand Prize; a custom designed Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush that plays TWO of Keana's original songs in a specially designed (and colored) toothbrush, packaged in a custom designed package for sales and promotion worldwide!

See the "About this Contest" tab for full details!




Brush Buddies Worldwide Music Search!


Brush Buddies is the #1 selling Singing Toothbrush in the world.

Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrushes feature today's top artists, their chart-topping hits and products and packaging that reflect their individual style and unique sound.

Brush Buddies portfolio of artists include Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and One Direction - more artists and groups announced soon!

This contest offers the winning singer or music group a merchandising and marketing package that includes an individually styled product professionally designed and represented as we have for our portfolio of top artists.

The winning artist/music group will have submitted the music video that receives the most votes in our contest at the strike of midnight on Valentine's Day February 14, 2013 (PST).

Grand Prize:

  •         *  A Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush featuring their original song(s), name and likeness
  •         *  Brush Buddies packaging which will showcase the winner's image and style
  •         *  Winner(s) will be involved in the design of the product and packaging!
  •         *  Presentation to our worldwide network of retailers, distributors and wholesalers
  •         *  Merchandising alongside our other products featuring Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc.
  •         *  A revenue share of every sale
  •         *  Global PR and promotion


Contest is open to singers and music groups of all ages.  All minors, under the age of 18, must be registered and represented by their parents or adult managers.

All contestants must submit a completed contest registration form (which requires agreeing to all terms of this contest) and their music video, via the YouTube link, on this Brush Buddies contest page.

Artists may submit more than one music video, however votes from multiple music videos for one artist will not be combined; each video vote-count stands alone.

Video submission(s) may feature either original content or 'cover music' if the contestant(s) possess the appropriate license(s) to produce the cover(s).  Brush Buddies will not knowingly host unlicensed content in this contest.  Brush Buddies will remove unlicensed content when notified or determined, and will ban the submitting artist(s) from further participation.

Grand Prize winner of this contest will be the artist or group that submitted the music video that receives the most votes in this contest by February 14, 2013 at 11:59:59pm (PST) and that has adhered to all the terms of this contest.

Song lyrics must be in English.

Video submissions must adhere to commonly accepted standards of good taste by the general public.*

This is a worldwide talent search - open to artists anywhere in the world.

Artists retain rights to their submitted work(s).

Any contestant or video submission violating the terms of this contest, will be disqualified and deleted by Brush Buddies - with no recourse by the artist(s).

Winning this contest will be contingent upon the contestant(s) adhering to all conditions of this contest.  Violating any of the conditions of this contest (e.g. under age without representation, unlicensed to create 'cover music', etc.) will eliminate the winner; without recourse.  Brush Buddies will then award the Grand Prize to the artist(s) of the music video that has the next-highest number of votes in this contest.

Step 1 Create Your Video

Create a music video of either original content or properly licensed 'cover music', that reflects your unique style.

Step 2 Upload Your Video To YouTube

Upload your video to your YouTube channel.
If you have a YouTube account, you can log-in HERE, if not, you can create one for free HERE.

Step 3 Register For Our Contest

Complete our registration form

Paste your video URL in the Video ID field on the registration form

Here's how to find your Video ID:

  1. Search for your video on YouTube
  2. Click on the video's title to open the video
  3. Click on the 'Share' button below the video
  4. Copy the code displayed after clicking on the 'Share' button
  5. Paste this part of the code into the Video ID field on the registration form

Fill in the remaining fields and Submit your video


Step 4 Share Your Video With Everyone You Know

Now it is up to you to gather the most votes as possible for your video. Share your video with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc and ask them to like, tweet, retweet, share, pin, repin, and vote for your video.  Get as many people to watch and vote for your video between now and the end of the contest!

Step 5 Get The Most Votes To WIN !

The video with the most votes on MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 14, 2013 will win the Grand Prize!  Brush Buddies will officially announce the winning video on this Facebook contest page on Friday, February 15, 2013 at noon (PST). Brush Buddies will also notify the winner(s) by email via the address provided during registration.

Let's make music together.

Good luck!

rev 11/10/12

* Video submission(s) must NOT contain material which is (or promote activities which are) sexually explicit, obscene, pornographic, violent, self-mutilating, discriminatory, illegal (e.g., underage drinking, substance abuse, computer hacking, etc.), offensive, threatening, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, profane, harassing or material that contains any derogatory references to the Brush Buddies or any of its artists.

Timeline for this contest -

All entries must be in by - Thu, Feb 14, 2013 23 hr 59 min

Campaign ends at - Thu, Feb 14, 2013 23 hr 59 min

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