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Do you realize that 96% of the fans never revisit your fan page?


“Your fans won't treat your fan page like a website, so you shouldn't either. An effective Facebook strategy focuses on a fancy newsfeed, not just a fancy fan page.” BrandGlue

Marketers in pursuit of adding more fans often ignore the value of existing fans in reducing the fan acquisition cost as well as the potential of increasing his lifetime value.

Facebook through Newsfeed sends your status updates to your friends, and that feed can act as a strong trigger for your fans to revisit the fan page.Marketers should know that the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm works like a rating system and it snubs the boring content out of it.

Statistics have shown that for every 200 comments on a status update, 199 come from fans interacting in the Newsfeed and only one from a fan commenting on the page itself. Results like these have made Newsfeed a key feature for marketers to explore.

To extract full-value out of the acquired fan base, marketers promote your engaging content through the wall and excite your fans to visit the fancy page again.

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