Social Media Marketing

Feature Highlights

  • Monitor social media channels & everything else
  • Engagement & Influencer Scoring
  • Advanced analytics
  • Track relevant keywords
  • Filter results by channels (FB, Web etc.)
  • Social media competitive analysis & industry tracking
Sentiment and Influence analysis
  • Sentiment trend reporting
  • Group-level reporting
  • Filter by channel, keyword etc
Mention by day
  • Determine high activity time
  • Track competition response times
  • Determine users' behavior via Online Monitoring
  • Send post to multiple social networks
  • Schedule messages on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Integrate RSS/Atom feeds
Top Influencers
  • Find perfectly targeted customers
  • Monitor competitor activity
  • Discover potential buyers
  • Eliminate 50% of your time spent in social media management
  • Assign task to users along with notes
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, log notes, track user activity
  • Identify latest trends for your brand and competition
  • See mentions that drive trends
  • Filter trends based on sentiment, search profiles and more
  • Enter Geo-coordinate & radius to find all mentions in that location
  • Identify countries where activity is happening
  • Filter mentions based on country
  • Check out brand reputation by location
Language Filter
  • Automatically identify language of content
  • Filter mentions based on language
9 reasons why our clients use social media monitoring
  • 1. Brand Monitoring and Benchmarking

    Brands can monitor their mentions in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, news and thousands of other resources. This broad tracking provides our clients with critical insights and benchmarking ability against competition. They get an idea of how their brand is being spoken about, where issues exist and detailed customer data (who they are, where they live, if they are influencers or not etc).

  • 2. Online Competitor Monitoring

    Our clients have access to similar insights on their competitors. This business information proves critical in coming up with your overall strategy – marketing, supply chain, product features etc. Use of our products will give you an edge that you did not have before. Ability to track social media campaigns, identifying influencers and even listening for confidential chatter about upcoming projects or past results provides excellent gage as to how our clients are doing.

  • 3. New Product Campaigns

    Clients who run marketing campaigns use social media monitoring to track them. They are able to see the baseline and then measure uptick in reach and conversation because of their campaign. This can be married to sales metrics to report on overall campaign effectiveness. Powerful reports and ability to download them gives an additional benefit of making them easily sharable.

  • 4. Customer Service

    Today, customers do not just call the company to leave their feedback – they often speak about it on forums, social networks and other online channels. Usually, conversation is associated with a complaint, a recommendation or as part of a story detailing something related to your industry. In all three cases, our clients quickly gain access to the details of what is being said about them so it can be passed to the right department (either for research, product development or for response/action.)

  • 5. Monitor Industry Trends

    For most of our clients, understanding bigger picture is critical and they want to use that knowledge to stay ahead. However, dealing with large data makes it hard for them. Our social media monitoring tool enables them to parse the information, identify key areas to focus on, build out reports and then have them automatically generate and send them to key stakeholders.

  • 6. Lead Generation

    For a large number of our B2B clients, it is important to find out when people mention our client's brand (or the brand of a competitor) in combination with a specific set of words. They use this base to identify customer’s intent e.g. are they looking to buy etc. Our clients respond with tweet/mention to make this a profitable campaign. Our B2C clients also utilize this information to structure marketing campaigns around actual buying behavior.

  • 7. Online Reputation Management

    Our clients and everyone else is impacted by bad press, erroneous reporting, bad reviews, spam and slander. Their PR teams are now able to leverage our social media monitoring to provide them with a layer of strategic crisis management. Before bad news spirals into a major controversy, our clients can quickly identify the source and react to an incident (either using our post planner or, by taking the discussion offline). For the first time, PR teams can measure the overall impact of issues as well as their efforts because they can track sentiment and volume throughout the crisis.

  • 8. Product Search

    Almost all of our agency clients utilize SocialAppsHQ’s social media monitoring tool to tag conversations and determine how products are spoken about, used and abused. One clothing client discovered that for customers, color is the most important aspect for their type of products – these insights lead them to build marketing campaign around variety of colors that their brand offers. Other clients have uncovered product faults, issues with supply chain etc.

  • 9. Blogger Outreach

    Going through Klout or other ranking algorithm, parsing through Twitter for biographies for identify relevant bloggers is a daunting task for most marketers. Our brand monitoring provides our clients with Influencer and Advocate report to identify specific set of online personalities who speak actively about their industry. Building an outreach program targeting such influencers helps our client build online reputation as well as increase sales.