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Social media tips for professionals

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Enliven the professional in you with social media


 “I have tried to be as eclectic as I possibly can with my professional life, and so far it's been pretty fun” – Roland Barthes

Did you know social media can help professions grow too? Along with businesses, networking sites can also bring about an upheaval in your respective professions. Be it anybody, from doctors to engineers, from lawyers to managers, all professionals can boost up their careers through social media.

Experiment with your methods to give your profession wings! Social media is magic, if you employ it wisely. It’s easy investment with promising results. Construct a fan page and leg-up your fan (cum-client) count!

Check out the different ways how you can bring about a revision in your ROIs and ascended clientage.


1. Seek attention

You’re a professional, true! Nevertheless you need to maneuver those eyes! Your welcome page must ensure that your fans turn into your clients. Make your page a winsome sight that compels visitors to convert into clients. But first, make sure they ‘like’ your page to experience a total delight as your fans! Professionals need to be prudent; they can’t afford to be ignorant of the marketing tactics. Hence, attracting comes as the first promising feature of any profession or business.

2. It’s about what you know!

“He has made a profession out of a business and an art out of a profession.” – Clifton Paul Fadiman

Blogging helps you to pen down your opinions. Especially, when you’re a professional, voicing out your views and sharing knowledge among the masses (about your specific field) promises popularity and acknowledgement. Also, it is a great idea to drag your blogs and give them recognition on your fan page. You can use the RSS tab to let your fans know that they’re visiting an intelligent professional’s page who knows his job well!


3. Be a part of “the wall of fame”

Click and share with your fans your office-décor! Work it with the showcase tab to bring forth your creative brain! You can paint an organized collage to introduce your work place to your fans. Entice them to come over. We can’t after all forget what Walt Disney says “Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”


4. Tread their routemap_path_socialappshq

Offer them a map to escort them to your office. Be a mastered yet friendly professional. Your attitude towards your clients matter! You can help your clients with the map-it tab. While your pictures lure their minds, the map would drag their feet to you!



5. The un-seasoned coupons

Distribute free coupons to the fans who’ve signed up on your page. Make it exciting and invite people to join you. Coupons also help you building the fan conversion customer ratio, perking up your career! Don’t wait for the ‘sale-season’ to come home, just go for it every time your store feels a little neglected!


6. Time to unearth the documented records!


Dig into your cupboards and unfold the research folder type-written by you! Post your Scribd documents on your page and share your knowledge with your fans. It’s a great way to impress your fans as well as spread the wisdom you’ve got in your profession!

Hope this helps you!

Wish you a jar full of success in your profession!!!