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Are you facing customer deficit inspite of having lip-smacking food and great customer service?

“You can be professional while also ‘keeping it real’ with your customers. By interacting with customers in a less formal way, you’ll build a strong human connection that helps build brand loyalty.” David Hauser


Mr. Social just finished doing up his brand, new restaurant yesterday. Now he is wondering how to make it the best food corner around the street! Do you find yourself in Mr. Social's shoes too? Are you scratching your head thinking about the promotion of your restaurant? Are the thoughts of ROI keeping you engaged all the time? Or are you worried about customer satisfaction? Well, then its best to take sometime off from the “real” and move on to the virtual world!

Social Media is here for you! So, what is this “Social-Media-stuff” about? True, it is for connecting and binding people in one thread, giving them a sense of a community. A survey reports that had Facebook been a country, it would be the third most populated space on the globe! It is a fact that social networking sites facilitate in leveraging the industries, making them popular among the masses. So, what are you waiting for? Log in, make a page on Facebook and follow these simple steps to make yourself the most-talked-about among your fans!


1. Chart out

“Social media is a buzzword until you come up with a plan”. Absolutely! Plan out your aims and what you exactly aspire for through your site. Make sure you fan page is well formed with the required apps and features. Decide what you desire from it: customer satisfaction? Or is it more profit oriented? Or you’re merely trying to gain popularity. Just think and work accordingly.


2. Don’t be strangersmy_restaurant_facebook_app

Remember, it’s a fan page therefore it has to be stuffed up with all the required information. Your fans want to know more about you. Be personal and consumer-friendly in your ways. Give them your experiences to read on your page. Let them know your Italian chefs who prepare the most authentic meals of Italy! Also, you can post your meal cards and entice them with your “specialties”. Make a collage of your restaurant. Basically, introduce yourself and be as detailed as you can be.


3. Learn them too

Don’t act as machinist professionals or marketers by keeping a bay from your customers. Now, they know you, and you ought to know them well too! Keep aside your ROIs for sometime, start with the fundamental i.e your customers. Conduct polls, discussions and games where you get a chance to know what they expect from you, what they think of you. You would always lag behind if your customers aren’t of prime importance. As Brain Solis, Principal of Futureworks says, “Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” You can consider them your ROIs, hence must be well-studied and taken care of!

4. Style it upmy_restaurant_facebook_app

Only knowing your customers or introducing yourself won’t serve the purpose. It’s the “glam-sham” world and you need to spice up your page with more tempting things. Dress up your page like you’re garnishing your plate! Use video apps to introduce your humble staff to your fans. Let your signature line peep from a corner in an animated form. Pepper it up with some entertaining games, exclusively created for your site. Create a cool logo and make your fans get going with it.


5. Spread the word

Keep the page updated! Your fan page should be like a bustling market street, with people playing and talking. Announce your offers for fans' on your wall and let their friends know about you as well. It is the trick of Social Media, you don’t have to send invites to each and every person on the site. In fact, you just have to drop your alluring updates and hint your fans’ friends what you are upto (like a news-flash). They’ll join you if they like, if not it’s an alarm! “Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.” Hope this message from Seth Godin ring some bells!

6. Guerrilla Marketing, online?facebook_apps_socialappshq

You must be amazed, aren’t you? So far you’ve only tried it in real, but social media offers this too. It’s in fact more profitable since it costs you almost nothing as compared to other campaigns. You can use apps and attract attention by using sweepstakes, coupons or virtual gifts. You can also send them e-cards on their birthdays or anniversaries. Further, you can make them feel special by sending them exclusive invites and offering them privileged discounts online. Make use of the apps provided by the sites. They are worth it!


7. Become a little charitable

Be philanthropic. Support some causes which you find worth supporting. How would this add to your profit? No. This might not pile up your cupboard but it certainly will bring more fans. If people click on a particular cause with which you’re associated, they’ll get a chance to visit your page. If they find it tempting, they’ll join you on Facebook and eventually, become your customers. Also, supporting causes would only make you look a lovable club. After all, it’s never harmful to do something good in life!

8. Expand your avenuesmy_restaurant_facebook_app

Share a partnership with at least one business page owner on Facebook. Widen your marketing scopes by inviting them to mingle with you on your fan page and eventually, step in to their milieu. One, it helps broadening the business drastically. Two, it is a great source of knowing and adopting other’s way of marketing and business operations. Three, it would impress your fans as you appear to be more connected.


9. Remember it’s a page, not a website:

Do not forget to share the link of your own website on the Facebook page. This is just a page to socialize on Facebook, it does not make your website. Drop the link at the footer of your page to let your fans know more about you. The Facebook page is meant to publicize, to hear from your fans or in a way act as a platform for conversation


After reading this, Mr. Social’s tried the 'My Restaurant' Facebook app and today his restaurant is the busiest in his area. I’m sure he is going to make it big in the field soon. Hope you do it too! Good luck!

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