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How to change the default landing page for your FB fan page?

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1) Click on 'Edit' link



Click on Edit Link



2) Click on 'Manage Permissions' link followed by 'Default Landing Tab' drop down. Select your desired tab

click on apps link



3) Click on save and you are done.



The Old way ...

Q1. How to change the default landing page for your Facebook fan page?



NOTE: This settnig does not work for Page administrators and existing fans of the page. They will default to Wall tab as per Facebook design


I set the default tab… Why doesn’t it show up when I visit my page?


  1. Only visitors who are non-fans and non-admins will land on it. Once a user “likes” your page, the page will reload and show them the “fans-only” content (if you’re using a landing tabs application like SocialAppsHQ.)HOWEVER, when a user who was already a fan visits the page, they will always default to the wall.
  2. Similarly, page admins will always land on the Wall, whether they “liked” their own page or not. (Unfortunately, these are set by Facebook, and not something anyone can change.)

Why doesn’t Facebook let me set a default tab for my fan page?


  1. You probably converted your fan page into a “Places” page, which don’t allow landing tabs.
  2. You can revert to a normal fan page by following these instructions:
  3. You may have not installed any Facebook App yet!