How to grow your business using Tumblr

 Nowadays users are trying to venture into new platforms on the social media  and are marketing their products on this domain. There is a shift observed these days wherein people are looking out for new platforms, in this respect those websites that offer unique features are making huge benefits. People are trying to use these new websites in order to figure out their potential and what can they offer to maximize their brand’s value.

Today we shall spend some time discussing the platform Tumblr and what value can it add to your brand and help to grow your business better.

 1.   Engaging Audience

For brands the most important thing is to generate traffic and bring users to the page. Tumblr provides useful features to interact with users and subsequently influence them. On Tumblr you can share posts and links that bring more users to your page. One of the innovative features of this platform is that you can also put up ‘quotes’ that have the power of going viral easily. Engaging people to your page is easy on Tumblr.

2.   Pictures as important weapons

Tumblr like all other platforms allows you to post and upload pictures; the only difference there is, in Tumblr you can see pictures prominently. It is easily visible and the size of images is quite large as compared to other platforms. Generally users pay more heed to pictures. Brands can easily upload their products which will receive a lot of traffic and help to increase your followers largely.

 3.   Tags are useful

Tags in Tumblr are quite similar to ones like in Facebook but here there is an option of tracking tags and searching users via tags. Just like Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr tags are used to track trending topics and issues. As it is observed that the tags on Tumblr help brands to be ranked at respectable positions on Tumblr itself as well as the other search engines across the web. Brands should use as many tags as they can. This is one of the most innovative and comparatively easy ways to grow your business.

4.   Concentrate on content

As mentioned above, tags on this website are useful in increase the ranking of your brand manifold on Tumblr as well other search engines. The content helps in generating those tags and bringing in traffic. Also, effective content is important to create interesting blogs that are a very big plus point of this website. You can create your own blog on Tumblr and exchange valuable information with your users and followers. People prefer brands that are easy to understand and their content is self explanatory.

 5.   Spread and share your blog

Blogs are very important for a growing as well as an established brand. It brings users to your page fast and gives them an insight on what your brand is. Tumblr gives you the option of sharing and creating your own blogs. These have the power of adding enormous value to the brand and eventually take your business to great heights.

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