Top 30 Women in Social Media all over the world!

Mehta Sumit

Once again women across the globe have added tremendous value to the social media ecosystem and its time now to honour their participation and hard work. Babe Ruth said, “It's hard to beat a person who never gives up” and nothing adds more weightage to the words than the efforts being put by these women.

We are ready with the updated list of the top 30 women in social media across the world. These women have been able to alter our 2012 list to valuable extents.

Know the top 30 women a little more

  • She is a social media consultant, travel & tech writer. A lover of nature & wine, she is also in the list of Forbes Top10 Social Media Influencers. Her blog covers many diverse topics and showcases her enthusiasm for life. She has a natural tendency of making a meaningful connection with anyone she meets. She has a lot of followers and is a sensation in social media world.

  • Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs. Also, she's a writer and owns an influential and effective blog- She is considered to be a veteran in creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organisations as well as individuals.

  • She owns a blog - Finger Candy Media, is a national speaker and a multi media personality. She has created the largest twitter and google plus community under the name of “Country Music Chat". She is a daily columnist for, the world’s largest Radio and Music Industry Community. She believes in making an impressive and lasting impact.

  • An entrepreneur, she is a social business consultant, speaker, author, and a lover of beaches, good friends and life. She is on the Forbes list of 10 Social Media Influencers. She is a social media addict, and has mastery in helping entrepreneurs, small business leaders to Fortune 500 companies in both B2B and B2C markets. You can learn a lot about Social business strategies from her portal PAM Marketing Nut.

  • She is CEO at Integrated Alliances, a great social influencer and a pro in B2B Sales and Marketing. She is also an author and a Radio Host. She has been referred as “The Linkedin Diva” by her fans. She believes in passion, persistence and courage as the three ways of leading a life. Learn from her at Rocklinkedin.

  • She is one of the Forbes Top 50 Global Social Media Influencers. She also acts as a speaker, mentor, and a coach to those looking to be socially remarkable. Having spent 20 years in B2B sales she has mastered it to the core. Deborah is fond of yoga, rugby & fast jets. Have a look at her portal Debsylee.

  • Placing her feet firmly in the list of Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencers, Sandi is a spiritual leader, Facebook Marketing Expert and a lover of God & People. She has her blog ARealChange with a long list of followers.

  • A resident of North Carolina, Susan is a social media enthusiast and strategist who creates social media campaigns to help build awareness. Susan loves music and movies. She has a large fan base and is willing to work in complex situations because she believes that such situations make a person strong and ready for new challenges. Her portal BuzzEdition says a lot about her personality.

  • Alli is a business coach and consultant. She is also a speaker, strategist, believer in humanitarian and a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of @BlissDom and the advisor to @Safeworld. She teaches how to build profitable and successful new businesses. Her focus is on helping entrepreneurs to live a life with meaning. You can get some great advice from her at AlliWorthington.

  • Lilach is a social media marketing executive, an internet marketer, mumpreneur, business consultant, mentor and a Zumba addict - All-in-One. She is one of the most dynamic personalities in the social media market. She is consulted by journalists and usually finds herself in the daily newspapers. Her blog Socialable is already beating some exclusive social Media websites.

  • Amy is a social media strategist and trainer. She is also the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She generally speaks on the power of social media in events and business meetings. She is one of the greatest social media consultants on this planet. Look at for some great social media advice.

  • She is the CEO of top parent blog con @typeaparentcon and the 1st social network for parent bloggers @typeaparent. She has helped in bringing real moms from across the world together through an effective blog which is to help each other by giving advices. She has a lot of fresh ideas and is a revolution in the social media world.

  • She is the owner of skimbaco. Her motto is to build a global lifestyle brand & inspiring people to enjoy life. She has also written a book about Instagram. She is a keen social media strategist and is known for building great marketing strategies which have the ability to turn tables.

  • She is the director of global Social Media and Engagement  at Ancestry-  world's leading resource for online family history & genealogy. She is also the founder of a Social Media Club. She excels in customer engagement, relations influencing and communication. She is a great social media enthusiast and has a great personality. Her blog KiKi's Musing advises you to read at your own risk.

  • She says she is deeply silly and fiercely optimistic. She is an inbound Marketing Evangelist and is also referred as the “queen” of twitter. She is a warm and engaging keynoter and has lectured on various occasions. All related links to her directs you to Hubspot.

  • Carrie is speaker and the author of The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Achieving Financial Freedom & Being Your Own Boss. She has a lot of experience in the social media network which has helped her a great deal in all her operations. She is an expert in client attraction and can be connected through her portal CarrieWilkerson.

  • Christine is the CEO @PerkettPR and a writer at Forbes, MarketingProfs. She is an entrepreneur, an investor, a CMO and an expert at brand advertising. She is the board director of a lot of companies in health, tech and sports domain. She has helped companies to understand the essential communication tools of today.

  • Francine is the co-founder of Stealthmode Partners, She helps entrepreneurs succeed and reach exceeding heights. She is herself a marketer and a mentor to hundreds of start-up businesses. She owns a blog "Stealthmode" on technology, health care, policy issues and more.

  • She is the marketing manager at SolutionsIQ, a leading Agile services provider. Her blog Pamorama explores the use of social media for marketing, branding, and engagement. She carries with her a 17 year experience and is a versatile and successful lady in the social media world.

  • Eve Mayer is the author of The Social Media Business Equation, CEO of Social Media Delivered, Social Media Strategist, and a writer and speaker too. Apart from being an inspiration in the social media she is also an inspiration as a person. She offers a list of Social Media services at

  • She is a collaborator of small businesses. Other than that she is an entrepreneur, a writer and a speaker. She is the founder of @smallbizbonfire. She owns a thriving, progressive and an open-minded small business for the past two years which has been moving on the path of success every minute. SMBs can get help from her at Small Business Bonfire.

  • From Petaluma, Michelle is a social media enthusiast and a big fan of the internet. Presently she works at Revolution Tilt with a surprising hobby of selling stuff. She has been a great help and an inspiration for many through her blog

  • She is one of the greatest social media professionals and is an effective speaker and writer. She is also a social media leader knowing minute details about any platform well and a top facebook marketing executive. She is the goddess of social media marketing world and can be contacted at

  • Claire innovates at Twitter, Inc. and has written "Twitter for Good". She is also a speaker, author and an effective blogger. She leads social innovations at twitter and is referred as “the women who got Pope on twitter” and has worked with religious groups and political leaders. You can have a look at her writings at

  • Pat is the SEO, Web Designer, and marketing consultant. She has written blogs, worked at many different profiles and has done valuable tasks of content generation. She has been a very effective and refreshing content provider. Her blog "SEO News Blog" is extremely useful to professionals in related fields.

  • She is a professional blogger, super affiliate and an internet marketing advisor. She has been working on the social media for 16 years now and has been very good at it. She owns multiple online properties in a variety of niches. She is also the author of

  • Nancy is an achieving, mega creative, soul driven entrepreneur. She is the founder of Viva Visibility and is fuelled by spicy food. She teaches entrepreneurs who wish to change the world and make them credible. She is a master in knowing the right way to present and showcase your talent and genius. She showcases the intersection of talent and genius at Talent and Genius.

  • Being the editor of Rim Degest Ezine, she is a virtual assistant specializing in proof-reading, editing, blog / web page updates and research. A caring mother of three, she loves to help others in social networking setups and maintenances. She offers great proof reading, editing and social media services at Tallentagency. 

  • Cathy is an award-winning mystery writer, financial geek and she thinks the best part of the Mediterranean diet is the wine, the cheese and maybe the olives. She is one of the most effective writers and her tweets have much in them. Have some knowledge on financial issues from her portal cperkinswrites.

  • She is the founder of SOBCon and is a social business strategist. She is of the view that it's only fun when it's brilliant strategy, high return, and connects customers in a meaningful way. She is an international business strategist and a professional speaker on leadership and attracting customers and has mastery on building powerful communities. She spreads happiness and wisdom through her blog "Successful Blog"

  • KIm is the CEO at , an entrepreneur, social media and branding strategist, and a mentor to business owners. She is on the list of Forbes TOP 10 Social Media Influencer. Her love is for God, family & hockey and is an inspiration in the social media world and a treat to study from. She has lectured on vivid topics relating to the social media and helps organisations to build up a strong social media presence.

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