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SocialAppsHQ gives you weekly edition of what hot in social media news. To help you to stay updated with social media, here are the social media updates for the week -

1. Social Media News-

  • LinkedIn makes it easier to discover and follow Thought Leaders- LinkedIn has introduced new ways for you to discover and follow thought leaders: You can now see which thought leaders have the most followers in new leader board. Find influencers who’ve posted content most recently or sort them alphabetically, discover recent posts by thought leaders you are personally following.

  • Share your stuff from Google Drive to Google+ : You can now “share the stuff you create and store in Google Drive, and people will be able to flip through presentations, open PDFs, play videos, and more, directly in the Google+ stream”. You’re now able to view what you share from Google Drive right inside your Google+ stream.

  • Yelp adds visual menus: There’s now an “Explore the Menu” link for restaurants on Yelp. “Specifics on menu items, like descriptions and price, will match up with Yelp’s user-generated photos and reviews mentioning that particular dish.”


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6. Social Media Tools

  • SplashPost: A tool to create multimedia Facebook posts to enable you to “easily sell, promote and advertise your products, consulting services or solutions right inside your News Feed.”

  • Pinvolve: A tool for brands and 80 million Instagram users to share vintage-style photos from Facebook to Pinterest.

  • Powervoice: a social shopping site that helps people stay connected to the brands they love.

  • PicMark: A tool to put watermarks on images before sharing them on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

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